We now offer a shipping option and can proudly say folks in 46 states have enjoyed our delicious whoopie pies.

  Becky's grandfather would shout the same thing upon discovering them in his lunch pail.  Now residing in Louisiana, Becky felt she should share her yummy Maine treat with others and                                                                was created.


began simply enough.... Some time ago, Becky needed to bake a sweet treat to celebrate the birthday of someone special.  She came across a recipe for Whoopie Pies - baked delights that her grandmother use to make when Becky was a child growing up in Maine.  After tweaking "Booma's" recipe and some experimenting in the kitchen, everyone at the birthday party was exclaiming

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WWoo Hoo Whoopies



Our home made whoopie pies have made thousands of customers happy and though our business has grown, our mission remains the same - Make someone feel special with a freshly baked, yummy and delicious treat that is so "wicked" they simply can't resist!

  From the time the oven was first preheated in October 2009 it has yet to cool down.  Everyone knew someone that "needed" to try them.                                                   

soon became a favorite at picnics, parties, weddings and holiday get-togethers.  Shortly after, Woo Hoo Whoopies became available at local bingo halls, farmers' markets, trade days and area festivals.... here in Northwest Louisiana every town has a festival.  Town by town, parish by parish we have become